About The Bald Avenger Show

Listen in as we cover the topics of business, philanthropy and charity, vitality, and politics from all sides and views. This isn't about alienating and separating, but rather, it's about bringing together people of different views to have an open dialogue, to laugh at themselves, and to come away still friends having learned more from each other. Differing views wanted.Open minds needed. Bullshit not tolerated. Assholes made fun of relentlessly.

The Bald Avenger Podcast is about using comedy as a platform for making a difference in the world, challenging those that would divide us with hate and fear, and giving a voice to the misfits out there who deserve to be heard. As The Bald Avenger himself says…

Humor is the elixir for a darkened spirit. A life seeking a smile is a life well spent.

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About Your Host

Jason Sisneros is a public speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, business architect, stand-up comic, best-selling author, podcast host... you get the picture. He’s is a hard-nosed, battle-tested CEO who has taken the science of performance and the art of leadership to the next level. He is widely regarded as one of the brightest minds in business and innovation.

Jason brings the same level of real talk and life experience to his comedy that he does to his other speaking engagements - just with more curse words and inappropriate comments. If you’re looking for the kind of comedian that will have you laughing so hard beer comes out of your nose, look no further. 

Did you know that you can book the Bald Avenger himself for a private event? Now you do.


On the topic of business, learn from the best and brightest who own and run their own businesses. You'll learn the top business mistakes to avoid and the best business decisions and strategies to employ. You'll hear from professionals how to create a culture of success, how to master sales and marketing, the best finance strategies, ways to lower costs and increase revenue, how to challenge your best thinking, and more.


On the topic of philanthropy you will hear about the hard things. The evil that saturates the world.
You'll hear personal stories from survivors of domestic violence, substance abuse, hunger, homelessness, and so much more. You'll hear about the pain and suffering in the world, but most importantly, you'll hear about how YOU can make a difference. Learn about resources and organizations that are actually changing the world and taking huge leaps to end suffering. Know which charities are the real deal and which are only out to make a buck. You will have the opportunity to find what your passionate about and to make an impact in a positive way that you know is going toward the cause, not toward the pockets of douchepreneurs
who parade in non-profit and walk in a world of lies.


On the topic of vitality you'll get to hear tips and tricks for living your best life. Hear about ways to enhance your mental health, physical health, and spiritual health. A life lived with vitality, energy and passion is a life that can be dedicated to making the world a better place and improving the lives of your family, friends, and fellow human beings. Learn to live your best life so you can help others live theirs.


On the topic of politics, hear views from every side and enjoy an open dialogue filled with critical debates, educated opinions, and genuine people.

This won't be a place for people to shout their uneducated views trying to silence everyone else, but a place for open communication where every side will be heard and you'll get a chance to think for yourself about what was said. Not be told what to think. Open your mind to new ideas, new ways of thinking, and a way to blur the lines between the "sides" that have been created by divisive people who want to separate us and make us hate each other.

In all of the above, business, politics, philanthropy, and vitality, get ready to laugh your ass off, roll your eyes, and hear a lot of swearing. Be ready to be offended. Be ready to hear things you don't agree with.

Get ready misfit nation. It's our time, baby! Triggered snowflake whiners need not apply.
If you don’t like us, change the fucking channel.