Charity Partners

The Bald Avenger is dedicated to easing suffering in the world, to strengthening those who stand against injustice and divisiveness, and supporting the causes that are making a real difference. Throughout this mission, Jason has met amazing people doing amazing things, but he has also met people who parade around under the guise of charity and nonprofit only for their own gain.

To give you, the Misfit Nation, easier access to those resources that are actually doing the good they promise and to skip over those who would take your time and resources and put it in their own pocket, The Bald Avenger would like to introduce you to his trusted charities. These charities have been vetted and have proven themselves to be causes worthy of support from us. Check them out and see what you can do to ease suffering and change the world.

Slave Free Project - SERT Ministries Logo

Slave Free Project | SERT Ministries

The vision for SERT Ministries is to rescue persons who are missing and/or held against their will or who think that it's impossible to get out of the trapped circumstance they have found themselves in. They specialize in rescuing those involved with human trafficking and will do whatever they need to restore them to Jesus and their families.

A New Dawn Foundation

A New Dawn creates new beginnings for Northern Utah women and children in recovery from domestic violence and substance abuse. Their foundation empowers families to claim their lives back without repeating the cycle. They want to share the stories of the amazing women that have taken the step to be “A New Dawn” and to change their lives.

A New Dawn Foundation Logo
Child Liberation Foundation logo

Child Liberation Foundation

The Child Liberation Foundation supports some of the most successful operators and vetted foundations in the identification, rescue, rehabilitation, and reuniting of trafficked children with their families. They ensure that these innocent children get their childhood back, free from the bondage of slavery. They give them the opportunity to be kids and live the lives they deserve.

Feed A Billion

1 in 8 people don’t know where they will get their next meal. Feed A Billion exists to feed hungry people and provide meals one at a time to people who need them. They are a non-profit organization that works with local charities to provide healthy and nutritious meals to people in need around the globe.

Feed A Billion logo
Brilliant Futures Foundation logo

Brilliant Futures Foundation

Brilliant Futures Foundation empowers students coming from dire, extreme circumstances to get an education by teaching emotional, mental and physical discipline through therapy, and providing temporal, financial and academic support.

Already Always Amazing

Already Always Amazing is a bridge that makes a difference. They serve as a catalyst to provide education and training, economic development and build the capacity of our most vulnerable and underserved (children, seniors, veterans).

Already Always Amazing logo