Fearlessly challenging the forces of division…

Jason Sisneros

World Changer | Stand Up Comic | Keynote Speaker

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Fearlessly challenging the forces of division…

With Your Host,
Jason Sisneros

World Changer
Stand Up Comic
Keynote Speaker


Differing views wanted. Open minds needed.

About the Show

We cover the topics of business, philanthropy and charity, vitality, and politics from all sides and views.

This isn't about alienating and separating, but rather, it's about bringing together people of different views to have an open dialogue, to laugh at themselves, and to come away still friends having learned more from each other.

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Bullshit not tolerated.

Assholes made fun of relentlessly.

TBA 8 | Using Wealth

Using Wealth To Change The World with Travis Rosser

  In a world where most people are selfish, one of the best characteristics a person can have is being selfless. Demonstrating such trait is Travis Rosser, author of You, Inc. and co-founder of Kajabi, an all-in-one online membership and course platform that has helped customers redefine themselves as experts, free themselves from the traditional…
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Unpacking Relationships with Claudia Soul

  A relationship is a two-way street and you must work through it together. Australian entrepreneur, author, relationship and communication expert Claudia Soul says many people are struggling with their relationship while some can’t seem to find one. She observes that the greatest problem with relationships today is too much analyzing. There’s too much of…
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Surviving Suicide: Healing, Thriving, And Saving Lives with Cleo DeLoner

  It has been found out that suicide is one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Many people who are suffering from suicidal thoughts are going through a lot of mental and emotional pain. Yet it has been difficult to seek help because of the stigma around it just as it…
TBA 5 | Relationships

How We Relate With Relationships with Traci Porterfield

  When you put yourself out there and not getting any results, it can get very frustrating as you watch yourself going down the rabbit hole. Traci Porterfield is a dating coach, matchmaker, CEO and Founder of Love by Design, a personalized matchmaking and relationship coaching service, and creator of the online course, LoveShifting. After…

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