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Everything has a purpose. For business strategist and entrepreneur Jason Sisneros, building up wealth is not about having the money to be comfortable, but about creating the influence so that he can help ease the suffering in the world. Through conversations and interactions with other people, Jason is not here to become just another voice out in the marketplace. His life and his failures have uniquely prepared him for this moment in time to be a voice for people that are voiceless. Welcome to the first episode of The Bald Avenger. This pilot episode is all about how The Bald Avenger came to be, who Jason Sisneros is, and the story of how it all started and where it’s going from here. In this discussion, Jason is joined by Joshua Berglan, also known as The World’s Mayor, who is a master connector, speaker, emcee, and show host.

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Welcome To The Bald Avenger: Who, What, And Why – How The Bald Avenger Came to Be with Joshua Berglan

This has been a long time in the making. It’s been a long time getting here with the format. Anybody who knows me understands that I don’t take a crap without a plan. We wanted to make sure that this was going to be highly impactful. I’m not doing this as a hobby. I’m doing this as an impactful mission-oriented thing. We’re going to get into that. The gentleman that is with us, I hand-selected Joshua T. Berglan. One of the reasons why I chose him and why the format of this first episode is setting up to where he’s going to be interviewing me. We’re going to be having a conversation. I played back and forth with the idea of doing this by myself, kicking off the very first episode. We’ve got some amazing things planned and amazing guests. There are going to be more than guests. It’s going to be experiences that we have with different people, with different groups of human beings. It’s going to be an experience that we’re having more than reading. You’ll understand that as we get rolling.

The reason why I wanted to have Joshua here, is he’s one of my dear friends. We have a group of people. Misfit Nation is the group of people that named themselves. We talk about being misfits and all that. We’re going to get into what that means. If there was somebody that I was going to say is an epic example of a misfit, it’s Joshua and it’s me. We’re definitely brothers. We met and we are in alignment as far as what our outcomes are and what we want to see happen in the world. We both made major mistakes. I’m going to go deeply into mine. He can talk about whatever he wants to but he’s made a bunch of mistakes. I’ve made a bunch of mistakes. The thing that separates misfits from douchebags is that we have decided to stop those actions that are causing pain in ourselves and in other people. We’re going to get in all that.

I wanted to set the context of why I invited Joshua to be here. He’s one of my dear friends. He’s more than a friend. He’s a brother and he’s somebody who’s very good at interviewing. I believe that when we’re together rather than me interviewing, which is going to be the format from hereon out, I will be doing the interviewing and setting up of be experiences. For this one, Joshua and I had probably one of the most memorable interactions online that I’ve had thus far. It was great interaction. He does a wonderful job at interviewing people. I thought it would be a better interaction for you to hear both of us. He’s got a unique take on me. He’s had some unique experiences with me. As we’ve developed out this idea he was there before the logo. He was there before the name, he was there before saying, “Jason, you need to do something with this idea.” Joshua, why don’t you introduce yourself and tell them why you’re interested and why you accepted my invitation to be here to do the very first episode?

I’m so happy to be here. When you gave me the opportunity, I geeked out. I remember what an amazing experience it was for me to introduce you on your first-time doing comedy. Having the opportunity to introduce you on stage. For me, it’s personal because I have been invited into your life. I get to see things a lot of people don’t see. Behind the scenes you are the real deal. I’ve seen you in the boardroom working with companies. I’ve seen the work that you do. I could be in the audience watching and I can see how people respond to you.

For me what’s special in inspiring is that I’m getting to see this and I know your past. I know that you’ve taken all of that energy and harnessed it in a way that you’re not only being a light in the world, you’re physically going to the depths of hell to ease suffering. That to me is a role model. That to me is a father figure. That to me is what a mentor should be, at least for me. To have this opportunity, it means the world to me. I’m super stoked but I knew from watching your Facebook Lives, I was like, “This dude has got to do something.” What he talks about the diversity of the wide range of subjects that you’re going to be covering on this show are freaking awesome. It’s polarizing. It’s important. The fact is the audience isn’t ready for it but the game’s about to change.

I’m a radio geek. For me, to have the opportunity to be behind a microphone is everything. I dreamed of it as a child. Now because of technology, it’s these little childlike dreams of being a talk show host can become reality. I look at you and having watched you in your real life, what you put online and how virtually it is the same thing. You are an open book. If you’re going back to the transcendent radio hosts Don Imus, Howard Stern, Opie and Anthony and even Oprah. What they were doing, they were game-changers and what you’re about to do is completely rewrite the rulebook. You’re about to change the game, and to be on the very first episode is terrific.

I was watching something about Oprah. She was being interviewed back in the day before she became famous. There’s a lot of history. We’ll get into one of these episodes one of the guys that launched her career, who is a very good friend of mine. I was watching the interview and they asked her, “What if this show doesn’t take off?” Not a breath it’s, “I’m going to be successful.” There was no doubt. She had zeroed out. She was like, “The show’s going to be great and if it’s not, I’m going to be great.” It was fascinating because I feel as this has been building for the last couple of years, this is not something that I ever thought that I was going to grow up to be. I’m 47 years old. For me, at 46 I started thinking about this. I decided at 46 years old to become a comedian. We’ll get into how all of this story plays together. Most of the time that’s not what people do after they’ve built a successful career. They’ve had the ups and downs of life it’s not, “I’ll go become a comedian.” That’s what I did.

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Everything has a purpose. I believe that that’s what people are going to understand about. I’m not here for my own self-aggrandizement. It’s not about me. We had a board meeting because we wanted to make sure that we had everything ready to go. We were ready to have these conversations. One of our primary statements was, “If this show ever becomes about Jason Sisneros, we need to stop the show.” That’s not why I’m here. I’m going to enjoy it. I enjoy interacting with other people, but I am not here to become another podcast or another voice out in the marketplace. I believe that life and my failures have uniquely prepared me for this moment in time to be a voice for people that are voiceless.

As we’ve traveled these last couple of years together, one of the things that has stuck out in my mind is he says what I was thinking. A lot of people build up wealth. I’ve made money, I’ve lost money and I happened to be on a decent upside swing on the upside. It’s one of those areas where it’s not about having the money so that I can be comfortable. It’s about creating the influence so that we can ease suffering in the world. If I lost every penny that I have in the process, I’ll make it back again. It’s no big deal. It’s not about that. This is not about creating a bunch of money. This is about taking the blessings that I’ve been given, the failures that I’ve had. The people that have sewn into me and the opportunities that have been given to me along the way. Paying that forward, lifting people and opportunities for other people who are in suffering. Most of it self-imposed but some of it is external. We’re going to talk about that and everything goes.

One of the things that we have to do, that I had to do personally as an individual as I started this path, was to realize I’ve got some demons in my closet. I’ve got some mistakes that I’ve made. I’ve got skeletons and how we talk about those skeletons and getting them out. Being transparent is the first step to us building whatever it is for us. It’s not about my story it’s about all of our stories. You and I had this conversation a couple of years ago at an event and it was basically, “You need to get out there.” Part of your getting out there and getting your voice heard was that you had to deal with some of the stuff. You had to get it out. You had to talk about it because we’re going to talk about this in depth as we transition into a couple of other subjects. We are being manipulated by our mistakes.

First in our own mind and then by influential figures outside of us or loved ones who are close to us. In order to free ourselves from that, we have to be transparent. We’ll talk about all that, every mistake I’ve ever made. Anybody, if I miss a mistake, text me or email me, I’ll talk about it. It’s one of those things. I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I’ve tried to pull out the big ones. The big ones where people would go, “He’s trying to be somebody that he’s not.” I’m going to do my level best not to ever show up on this microphone and to attempt to project somebody that I’m not. I am a flawed, failed human being that has made every single mistake. Some of them once or twice to make sure that I was making the mistake. I also want to have the conversation about people who are fearful about having these conversations.

People who are fearful of being transparent, being genuine and knowing that the biggest reason that we don’t do that is because of the manipulation and the power that it gives other people to leverage our voice. If we speak too highly, if we pop out above the crowd who would attack us? We’re going to get into the anatomy of this and how we can free ourselves from it. A lot of times the people who attacked us the most are the people that we loved the deepest or served at the highest level. We opened ourselves and became vulnerable to them and then they use that stuff against us. Thinking that for some reason that because I made a mistake, because I cheated in my marriage, because I got a DUI, or because of me going bankrupt or whatever the case and scenario, is that people who will manipulate and control will utilize that to get you to put a pin in your life and to stop there.

If you dare go outside of that you made a mistake, you’re a scumbag and you need to stay in that spot. These conversations are about getting rid of that energy. About freeing yourself so that you can participate in what is an awakening of the idea that the individual must be whole before the society can succeed. That’s my belief as we move forward. Thus as an individual, if we walk forward in this thing and we think we’re broken, then we have a problem. There are two types of people in this world. There is the type of person who has bought the belief that they’re broken and broken people hurt people. If we believe ourselves as broken, then we’re going to do the best that we can to draw those people around us who will either make us feel better about our brokenness in a co-dependent way or they’ll be the type of people who we invite into our world who will take advantage of our pain. If we can’t find that, we’re going to go out and find good people and tear them down, if we’re broken.

The other side of this equation are people who have healed themselves and that are healed in themselves. No one understands that when they speak ill of another human being, that says more about them than anyone else on the planet. You see these trolls and everybody who gets away with this stuff. I’ve got three very specific individuals and individual circumstances that we’re going to talk of people and scenarios where people are way more deeply flawed than I will ever be, trying to attack me. Remember this is not about me. Think about this in your own life as you read this. Those people who are attacking you the deepest, the hardest, waving the hands and yelling at you. Posting on social media and all that other stuff, have way more skeletons than you do almost every single time.

TBA 1 | The Bald Avenger

The Bald Avenger: If we believe ourselves broken, we’re going to draw people around us that will either make us feel better about our brokenness in a co-dependent way or that will take advantage of our pain.


One of my mentors said this statement to me and he goes, “Jason, you’ve reached the point where you’ve got deep pockets and long arms,” which means that if somebody wants to attack me, I’m okay with that because I’ve done some things. There’s no doubt about it that I have. I will admit to every single one of them if confronted with them. I’m going to do my best to get them out and purge it from my own mind as you. I love eight-miling myself and I’ve done it. I started about years ago with a book. Then in that several years, I made more mistakes and then we got Facebook Live so I could say, “I made a mistake.” I could go Facebook Live the next day after I figured out I made a mistake and tell everybody. You watch me do a Facebook Live interview with my ex-wife. I am fearless. There’s nothing you can do to me. You can’t take anything I’ve got. I’m not afraid. This is the journey that we’re going to go on together because I believe this division is ripping our children and our future generations.

It’s ripping, having it better than we have it, out of their hands right as we speak. As we have these conversations, that’s who I have in mind. You could attack me. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter if I die. It doesn’t matter. I care deeply. You’ll hear me say a lot of times I don’t care. When I say that it’s not that I don’t care from a heart perspective, it’s that any attack you want to bring on with me, go for it. The court of public opinion will judge whether this information is helpful, whether I’m funny, whether it should be out there, or whether I should shut my mouth and shut down the show. I’m going to let them speak and either way, I’m okay. This is something you’ve helped convince me of that. Our Misfit Nation human beings that we know and love that have developed over the last few years together. I believe that it’s something that’s necessary.

I agree and I’m happy that you’re doing this finally. It is amazing and you brought up your ex-wife. One of the most beautiful things that I can think of and the best explanation to how true you are, is that your ex-wife not only loves you, but she respects you a lot. That’s called divorce goals. My ex-wife doesn’t like me so much. I can’t say that. If there’s any other reason to be inspired, it’s because his ex-wife loves and respects him still regardless of his past. It’s funny because every time I’ve interviewed you on the red carpet, I’ve interviewed you on two shows, I’ve introduced you on stage and every time I think of the question, “Who is Jason Sisneros?” I come up with a new answer each time. It’s like reading a book for the second, third, fourth time. Every time you read it, there’s another explanation. There’s another layer to it. I want to know who is Jason Sisneros and how is he different than The Bald Avenger?

We should get a real raw answer. This is how much I trust you. Whoever we are now is an evolution of who we started out being. In the early part of my life, I was adopted when I was six years old. My adoptive father had connections to organized crime and was heavily involved in dealing drugs. He was a very highly abusive man. I don’t remember because a lot of trauma survivors, they’ll know and understand. They’ll identify with the fact that you block out large portions of your life. Where some people are talking about a great Christmas they had when they were three years old, or when they were nine years old or whatever. I don’t remember any of that because I blocked it out on purpose. That blackout saved my life multiple times. The ability to be able to block out and still be functioning, saved my life multiple times. We go back and before that, it was me and my mom. My real father and her had a relationship. She got pregnant with me. He disappeared. She didn’t say anything to him but he bounced. I was adopted at six years old.

You’ve got to understand I didn’t know that I was adopted. I thought for my entire exposure to this man that he was my biological father. That will color a little bit of the knowledge of these conversations as we go forward. He adopted when I was six years old and almost instantaneously, at six years old my mom tried to leave him pretty quickly after because he was very abusive to her. He broke her arm a couple of times. He threw her through walls. This particular time, he was chasing us to the police station. She was trying to run away and he came up alongside of us in a truck and rammed our Volkswagen. We tumbled over and over, landed on the grass of the police station and got out. That was the first time he broke my nose of at least a couple of dozen that I know of, that he broke my nose. Everybody looks at my nose and goes, “It looks pretty good.” I had it fixed.

As I was growing up it smashed in. It’s all over my face. I’ve had it fixed because of the breathing thing not so much for the aesthetic deal. I had so much scar tissue. That was the beginning of a very abusive timeframe. Along that time, now that I know and I’m looking back on it, I had a light that wasn’t his. He was living in darkness. He had this dark past and things that he went through. I was this light that my mother loved, that my grandfather loved, that my grandmother loved and he wanted to snuff that out. He wanted me to be as miserable in this life. Think about the application of how many people you’re surrounded by, that would rather snuff your life and then to stoke it. If there’s anything why I’m doing this show, it’s because we need to stoke more light. We don’t need to add to anybody’s darkness.

That’s not what the Misfit Nation is all about. We need to light them up. We need to take them to the next level. We need to see into their strengths so that more good can come of this thing called humanity. He was trying to snuff it out. I remember at 9 years old stepping in front of him, in front of my mom for the first time. Him hitting me as hard as he could, and I didn’t go down. They’re one of the proudest moments of my life, when I didn’t go down. I got my ass whooped even harder after that but he was full on. Imagine a six, seven, eight, nine-year-old kid and you’re getting full on blasted in the face by punches as hard as you possibly can by a full-grown adult. I would sleep with one eye open. I sleep very light still to this day because he would come in drunk, high or whatever and while I’m lying there, blast me in the face.

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I don’t necessarily want to talk about the specifics because it’s not about me. It’s the scenario that all of the people that I’ve run into that you know, that we know in common, who are claiming admission to the Misfit Nation is that we have had rough things in our lives. There’s been tough things that have happened from varying degrees. We’ve got members who were sex-trafficked as little girls. We’ve got people who were raped. People who have been to prison. People who have on accident killed people. There’s every mistake that you can possibly imagine. It’s not about my story. It’s to say, “Here is my origin and here’s what happened.” Your original question was who’s Jason Sisneros as The Bald Avenger. That’s the question that we’re working towards the answer for. I got kicked out on Thanksgiving when I was sixteen. I’ve been living on my own since that point in time. My birthday’s in October so I was sixteen when I got kicked out of house. I came back to the house one night to see my mom, to grab some clothes and to do that stuff. I was yelling around the house, “Mom, where are you?”

I went downstairs. I knew exactly what it was, where her body had been thrown through the drywall, in different places in the basement. Up until that moment, up until that time there was no use. There was no point in calling the police. There was no point in in bringing in authorities because they never did anything. For some reason, plus I was breaking the law myself. I learned how to deal drugs. I learned how to fight. I learned all of that stuff. From the time I was twelve years old, that’s how I made my money. That night though was different. I went to the police station and I said, “My mom’s hurt bad and I know who did it. We need to go up to the house immediately.” They found my mom inside, battered, bloody, exactly what we thought. He was there and the police this time took him to jail and kept him there. The judges prosecuted him and he was sentenced with essentially 33 years for attempted murder. There’s a little bit of stuff that happened in between. He got arrested. He got out, he then found us in protective custody. He held me at gunpoint. He told me he was going to kill me out at a lake.

He ended up not doing it. When he left there, I thought he was going back to the shelter to get my mom and this was seventeen miles away. On the way back, he got arrested. The next time and then got out again and set our house to explode. My mom went on vacation. I went on a two-week drunk. There are all of these things of providence of why we ended up not going back to the house. This is all written, I’ve talked about it in a Forbes interview that I did. We’ve got all the newspaper clippings all of the stuff that happened. He had set the entire house. If we would have opened a window there was sparks it off, he cut the gas line to fill the house with gas. Any opening that you would have went into, there was a flint so that it would spark. It would have blown up the house. By the universe, by God, by Allah, by whatever it is that you believe in, by Buddha or by dumb luck, two weeks my mom went on vacation. She’d not been in a vacation in probably fifteen years. I went on a two-week drunk with my friends and didn’t go home. The neighbors complained of a gas leak and they came and broke the windows so that it would air out. They went in. They saw all of how he had set up the house. When they arrested him that time, that was it. It was attempted murder. It would have killed us or would’ve killed the two neighbors on either side. It would have been mass destruction had it happened.

All of that to be said and then when he went into prison, he sent people after us. He sent the most disgusting letters to my mom about skinning her alive. We have all of this and it was funny as I decided to start becoming more public in around philanthropy and whatnot, we had sat down and had a conversation. My mom and I said, “Is this the direction we want to go? Do we want to open up this Pandora’s box?” The people try to bully you and try to use fear tactics so that you don’t tell your story. We decided that no matter how many places I get attacked from, no matter how many people come after me, no matter how many people try to destroy me along the way, this needs to be said or I can’t look my kids in the eye. These things need to be talked about. The stuff that we see, the people that we’re going to introduce. It needs to be talked about raw and real so that we can stop being intimidated. We can stop having people control us, even if it’s our own mind or the people who are surrounding us and stop bullying us with these ideas.

I did what I knew. I was dealing drugs. I was collecting money. I was beating people up. I was a bad guy. Not only was I a bad guy, I was a good bad guy. I was smart. I knew how not to get caught. I knew that I wanted to go out. If I was going to be a criminal, I was going to be the best one I possibly could be. That was my thought process. If I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it well and I was good at it. That led into a whole bunch of stuff, there’s a lot of people from that part of my life who are my dear friends, that no one understand what I’m saying. They were there for a big portion of it and they know the damage that I did. I always figured out a way in my own mind. This is what I want everybody to understand about people who are hurting people, is I still came up with a way to be the hero. I Always thought to myself and came up with something, that if I was going to deliver a beating this person that’s about to receive it, deserves it.

That led into a lot of things. It was a dark portion of my life. It led into mentors and all the way back to my fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Ivy who taught me the power of language and the power of words. How I could use those words when I would be locked in my room with a beat-up face for a couple of weeks at a time. How I could escape that by reading, by using words and writing my own stories that would take me out of there. That would then create another reality, which is very similar to the reality that I live because of my ability to utilize language. To be able to use creativity and innovation to be able to apply those skill sets to the rest of my life and to know and understand, which is why this podcast exist. No matter who you are, no matter who’s reading, no matter who’s watching this, no matter who you are, you can create a reality that is close to what you design. You’re already doing it. The reality that you’re living right now is very close because it’s either conscious or unconscious and whatever the reality that you’re living, it’s still your creativity. It’s still your brain. It’s still your unconscious.

You can become conscious and you can become with words, and with language, and with a piece of paper and a pencil. The people that we’re going to bring on the show. The people that I associate with, the creations that are out in this world, use language both internal and external, written word and otherwise to be able to create a new reality. From there into a wrestling coach, Mr. Charlie White was Rocky Ford wrestling coach. We were poor. We were broke, we were in a bad situation. He would pay for me to go to these wrestling tournaments. He stood up for me. I beat up a guy at a wrestling tournament which is completely against the rules. You don’t hit, you don’t lay hands on other people.

TBA 1 | The Bald Avenger

The Bald Avenger: Things need to be talked about raw and real so that we can stop being intimidated, we can stop having people control us, or the people that are surrounding us can stop bullying us with these ideas.


He stood up for me and made sure that I didn’t get kicked out of the league. He taught me how that physical violence wasn’t the answer. That to use skill set and to use my mind. That led into a football coach, [who coached me in football. That led into business. Tim Foley, Tony Robbins and the people that have sewn into my life. It’s that person after person and that’s what I hope that this show becomes. If you don’t have that person in your life, this voice or the voices that we’re going to bring on here and the interviews that we’re going to have and the conversations that we’re going to have. That this becomes that voice that may be that difference for you, to let you know that you’re not broken.

Those challenges and the things that you’ve gone through, the tears that you’ve cried, the desperation that you feel and the emptiness that you feel inside, is the strength that this world needs. It’s a strength that’s going to differentiate you from the rest of the world. I want to shorten it and get to the point that you ask the question of, what’s the history? I came out of that. I was given a chance. I failed in business. I crashed my first company by not understanding finance. I came into it, I understood how to work hard. I understood how to build loyalty. This loyalty on the streets is the same loyalty that you have in a business, if you build a good culture. I didn’t understand money. I didn’t understand that I was using money that I was making. I was making piles of it. I was trying to fill a hole of emptiness inside of me that I hadn’t resolved yet. That the bigger the house, the bigger the boat, the bigger the trips, the bigger the financial outcome would prove to the world that I was worthy of its love. It didn’t work, and I crashed that business. All of the love that I thought I had bought, disappeared. I was buying their love and I was being their prostitute or their pimp.

That led into another big discovery and losing my mind. I went through a period of extraordinary depression. When we talk about depression those of you who don’t know I was a little moody versus depression. Depression is something that is physically painful. I felt like I had a brain tumor. I felt like I was having a heart attack. I convinced myself that I couldn’t swallow for a period of time. The only thing I could eat was bologna smothered in mayonnaise because it would help go down my throat or soup with no chunks in it. My brain convinced me that I was choking to death. It was three failures back to back. It was having vendors that I owed money to that I couldn’t pay. It was not understanding the laws of how to properly go out of business. Everybody convinced me and it did a lot of damage.

At that point in time, I was looking up and saying $0 for me is $2.3 million away. For me to get to zero where people consider themselves broke, it was going to take me to $2.3 million hole to dig out of. I have my house, my business, the vendors, the debt and all of that, $2.3 million to get to a point of being at zero. I failed miserably in business. Utilizing those and then I lost my mind. I ended up in a suicidal position out in Southern California with a gun to my head on a cliff. The reason I did that was because I wanted to fall into the ocean so my kids would never have to see me. It was there that I had an awakening. It wasn’t a big one. It’s not time for you to go. We heard January say at the last event, where she said, “I’ve thought about killing myself but not now.” It was that small of a thing that opened up a door. I had lost my house. I was living on the beach in Southern California. I lost everything. I lost connection to my daughters and my ex-wife. I was by myself and alone as much as I had ever been in my entire life. That opened up a door to say, “Not now.” I got to go feed myself again.

That led into a pastor who gave me, Tony Robbins’ book and that led into meeting, Tony Robbins or going to an event. That led into me getting a job. Being able to get back on my feet driving a car, getting a place to live in and step-by-step and creating this. Then having the ups and downs and having that lead into the 2006 to 2009 timeframe, where the entire financial universe, everything that you that you touched was turning to gold in those times. You had people who were working at McDonald’s that own three houses. Every investment opportunity in the world was going your way. I had built up some money back to that. I went to work for Tony became one of his top speakers. I went on to start buying businesses and creating all these different opportunities. I bought into the same beliefs that anything that we did, any investment that we touched, any place that we invested money.

I started to recommend things that I was doing to other people. We were all getting into crazy things that I look back on and I go, “What were we thinking?” Story after story where we were pouring money into these ideas. You could extract gold out of coal powder. It’s the right refinery and then going over to Africa. Buying gold at a discount, diamonds and doing deals in the Middle East. Some of them were successful. Some of the stuff that I’m talking about we had some success at. Most of them were radical failures. I lost my money. I lost people’s money that I love dearly. I was investigated by some three-letter entities. Here’s the thing that I will tell you, I never was charged. I was never found guilty of anything. If I had any ill-will or intent of usage of purposely screwing somebody, I would have been behind bars and still would be behind bars. Some of the people that we ran across during these periods of time ended up and are still behind bars because of their financial shenanigans, they knew better. I was an enthusiastic idiot. I’ve been told on more than one occasion that ignorance is no defense of the law. Jason you might be doing some time because of your “ignorance.”

There was several years there that went by, that being investigated and having these conversations. Being under lights and all this other stuff that happened. I didn’t know, whether I was going to be able to hug my kids goodnight because I was on my way to prison. By the grace of God, by my ignorant enthusiasm and not using any money for personal use or purposely screwing people out of stuff. I still to this day believe had I misappropriated one single dollar of anybody’s money, that I would have done prison time because these were federal charges. That was a rough time and gone through that. I consult businesses that a super high level not college grads but Harvard grads, Wharton grads, Yale grads they’re on their businesses. Most of the education I got was from my failures of crashing three businesses and the almost going to prison because I didn’t know what I was doing with money situation. I do not have one single investor. I am not in debt to anyone with any of my companies and I have zero partners. That was the outgrowth of learning lessons. I have some dear friends in business. Some people who I love dearly that I still will not be partners with. I will not take a dollar of investment from anybody. You’ll never hear me or anywhere say, “You should invest your money.” No. I learned my lesson.

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What I’m good at is putting my hands-on businesses, straighten things out, making them incrementally better, making them profitable and building a great culture. Teaching other people how to do that. That’s what I’m good at. Anything you do with me, you’re going to pay for me to clean your toilets, you’re going to pay for me to give you some good advice around business. That advice has come from reading multiple books. I don’t teach the idea of the day. The stuff that I teach most everybody already knows. It’s the right sequence. I’ve learned on the shoulders of giants. How did I do that? Broke, didn’t graduate from high school, how did I do that? I did it through seminars. Going to listen to people, I did it by reading books. I did it by trial and error. I have a payroll that I have to meet every single Friday that I can’t afford to listen to bull crap and theory. I’ve squeezed that out of it. A lot of people go, “Jason when you talked about this, I read about that in a book.” Yes, you did. Good for you. What did you do to apply it? Here’s what I did to apply it. It made me millions of dollars. That’s the thing, what is practically applicable and what is of real-world use? The magic of what we’ve done with my consulting company is that we’ve taken those ideas. We’ve put them into a proper sequence so that anybody can follow them and apply them to their own businesses.

That’s sequence matters a lot too.

You’ve seen it.

I have and I’ve seen what happens when someone doesn’t follow the sequence. Things that, “I can skip the line here.” The process is a beautiful thing to watch and it’s easy to get impatient when you say, “It’s right here, I can make this happen.” No, not yet. You need to do six, seven and eight first before you get there or it’s going to fail miserably. I do love that about you. I love that confidence and knowing that you have. Watching you work with businesses is like watching the outcome before you even walk in the door. The outcome is known and they have that available to them, if they choose to be a good student and do everything that you’ve done.

That’s where it comes from. There will be a comment online or something and they’ll be like, “Did you know that he went to file bankruptcy? Did you know that he had problem with finances? Did you know he cheated on his wife?” He’s like, “He tells all these stuffs all the time.” Even up to this point, everything that I’ve said in this one podcast it’s for new people, to get to know who you’re talking to. Everybody that knows me, the following that we have in the Misfit Nation they’ve heard me say everything that I said. They’ve heard me say it multiple times because that’s the value of what has moved my life forward. To further get to the point of how this is all linked together, then I started buying companies. We opened a consulting company to teach people what I had done in those companies. What I started to get passionate about was, that I felt like I wasn’t doing enough to give back. That’s when I started diving into the 501(c)(3) philanthropy and spending a lot of my time doing things. You know some of the stuff that I’ve done.

I’m the CEO of FeedABillion.org and that was started by Ambuj Jain and Tony Robbins at one of his seminars. The goal is to feed a billion people obviously. That’s a big passion for me. I believe there’s a lot of domestic violence, which is the hat I’m wearing which is a new dawn, where it gives it a longer gap. We talked about me and my mom and what my adoptive father tried to do was beat that light out to me. All he did was create a beast of service. People come at me with their little whiny baby bull crap or try to attack me on my cast or whatever it is. I was like, “You have no idea from the age of six to seventeen, I was getting the beat out of me by a full-grown adult. Bring it on. You want to spread rumors about me.” Some of them aren’t rumors, a lot of it’s true. I always tell people that if you hear some about me it’s probably true and most likely a little worse.

He tried to beat that out of me and what happened was, we were tallying up what we’ve raised. If we hit our mark before the end of December, we’re going to be at $3 million that we’ve brought into multiple different entities. Aside from that, getting involved and going undercover. They’re doing a full-length movie about a mission that I went on undercover. It’s the only one I talk about. That’s why they brought me. They said, “Jason we would like you to go on this particular mission.” Tony Robbins went on it undercover, which you can imagine with us. How do you get Tony Robbins undercover? That’s for him to tell. We did it and they said, “We want you to come on this because you have a platform. We want to get the word out so that people understand that underage sex trade is alive and well.”

TBA 1 | The Bald Avenger

The Bald Avenger: It’s easy to get impatient and say, “It’s right here, I can make this happen,” but you need to do six, seven and eight first before you get there or it’s going to fail miserably.


There are two million underaged little girls and boys around the world, that people are paying $60, $70, $80 a pop to have sex with them. It’s disgusting. There was this one mission that we went on. I was asked, “When you go on this, we want you to go back out into your platform, into the realm that you know. We want you to talk about this to raise awareness.” That’s what I’ve done. I’ve done a lot of other missions with a lot of different entities that I work with, the six of them to be specific in that world of human trafficking. This particular one, they’re making a full-length movie about it and doing that thing. That’s going to change a lot of lives. We’ll talk about your haters and people that want to talk crap behind your back. We’ll talk about how even going undercover, can be a bad thing in somebody’s mind. How they can bash on you for wanting to feed the hungry. We’re going to get into that because it’s amazing to me, at some points in time I’ve looked at it. If I wasn’t driven and pulled towards this destiny and I be like, “This is not worth it.”

You go out and you put your life on the line, you put your name out that you’re doing this stuff out into the marketplace. That puts another target on your head other than the mission that you went on to put yourself in danger on. You’re going to get torn down for that? That was explained to me, even Mother Teresa had a hate group. That’s the world that we live in. Most of us exist in another bubble where, we like to talk crap every once in a while, in a joking way but we’re not out to destroy each other. We’re going to talk about those things very specifically. The last piece is that led into five years of heavy-duty philanthropy. I do all the time we step, get my board together, my team together and we have the conversation what have we learned. What we’ve learned about philanthropy, is that celebrity being added to it is a multiplying effect to the eyeballs and the people that pay attention to that particular subject, at that particular time.

You get somebody like The Rock and he tweets out about hunger and says, “Could you guys all go give $5?” That is a financial boon to whoever is on the other end of that. Inside of charity you’ve got good charities that are poorly run and you’ve got bad charities that are well run. You’ve got money that is properly applied, you’ve got money that is improperly applied. It’s life because business isn’t 501(c)(3)s are nothing more than a group of human beings that have come together around an idea. When you get one human being, what do you have? A crap load of mistakes, flaws, weaknesses, narcissism and all of the other things that goes along with being a human being. All that to be said, to say that that led into saying, “What can we do to accelerate this?” We took the consulting company and we put a caveat. I’m doing this full-time raising money, comedy, podcast and whatever shows come up that we know that maybe in the future. What we did was we said, “If they’re already doing good work on their P&L, they’re already writing checks for tubas for the local band. They’re already writing a check to Cancer Society. They’re already giving to their church.” Whatever it is, those companies we set up because our strategies work obviously well.

We want to help them make more money and get more time so that they can do better. Everything is behind the point of the spear of creating a legacy, easing suffering in the world. Even on the for-profit side of the work that I do and the companies that I own, it’s all behind the point of the spear of resourcing good people to do better. The reason and the reason why we’re doing this, all of this has led together is because of the pain, the mistakes, the places where people expected me to give up, to quit, to stop because that defined me. I even put out a statement, a quote that said, “The mistakes of my life do not define me.” It’s the exact opposite of that. They require of me to take those lessons, stop inflicting pain and to teach those back out so that other people can learn the lesson. I put out that statement and that’s paraphrased obviously. It’s on The Bald Avenger show or The Bald Avenger on Facebook or wherever you’re going to find us. It’s a meme with a picture on it. I got a text from somebody who knew me back in the day that said, “Jason, your past does define you. The things that you did will forever be on your history.” I played with that idea for a second. I thought that’s possible.

This person was trying to say, “Jason, stop moving forward. You’re making me feel bad about myself. You’re doing something with your life and you’re making me feel bad about myself.” That’s what they were saying. That’s what everybody is saying when they put that crap out there. They’re trying to remind you. They don’t want you to forget who you are. They don’t want you to forget your roots. The truth is they want everybody else in the world to know you’re a douche bag so that your voice won’t matter, so that your pain won’t equate into easing suffering for someone else, so that you’ll stop moving forward, so that you’ll die and wait for your breath to stop. That’s why people do these things. It makes me sad because I know this person and this person knew me. I’m never ever going to succumb. I already know. When I did the Forbes interview, people came out of the woodwork going, “Did you put Jason in Forbes? You’ve given him a platform. Did you know he did this?”

To anyone, that wants to define me by who I was that person is dead. I wear this gift of an Oura ring constantly because it reminds me that I’m dead to the person that I was yesterday. I bring with me all of the strengths, all the beauty and all the love from yesterday. I leave where it belongs in the past the mistakes. That’s who I am. No matter what you say about me, no matter who comes out of the woodwork to point out what I’ve done, they’re right. There was a version of me that did bad things. There was a version of me that was other than conscious. There was a version of me that valued money over integrity. There was a version of me that valued sex over monogamy. There’s a version of me that existed, that believed that inflicting pain was my way of getting out of my own and that person is dead and long gone. I can understand people wanting and remembering the only version of me that they were associated to, is being a douche bag. They’re right. Any comments you want to make, anything that you want to point out that I’ve done, any way that I hurt you whatsoever, I’m saying you’re right. I was stupid. I was a douche bag. I was a liar. I was a cheater. I did those things, those actions that created in you or in myself a version of myself who I thought less of and that person’s dead.

How did you kill him? You’ve harnessed all of that energy and it was fueled with a lot of things that happened. Then you used it for bad, as you’ve already discussed. All that energy shifted out and you were doing some bad things. You were involved in some bad stuff. When you killed that person, that energy that’s inside you had to go somewhere and you’ve chosen it to be the light. How did you kill it? How did you channel that energy and shift it towards everything at the root core of what that was for you?

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It’s how everybody does it. It’s one decision at a time. We don’t understand the power of one decision. Tony Robbins, the statement that began to change my life was in his book that he said, “It’s in your moments of decision where your destiny is shaped.” I took that to heart and it’s in your moments. It’s moment by moment. Are you going to associate with this person? Are you going to attack this person? Are you going to respond? Are you going to get up and get out of bed at 6:00 in the morning to go work out? Are you going to read that book? Are you going to advance? Are you going to say I love you instead of I hate you? Are you going to allow division to enter your heart? Are you going to allow these things, it’s one decision at a time and one person at a time? One interaction at a time, one forgiveness of yourself and of other people and one forgiveness of your past.

One of the things that I learned along the way was that it’s me, myself that holds the power to defining the things in my life. You say, how or when did I kill that person? That person died on the cliff that day. I believe that person died, the person that had done all of those horrible things, that had caused people financial pain, that had lied, that had cheated, that had stolen, that had inflicted pain, that had beat people up, that had done all of those things. That person died that day on the cliff because I was forced. I didn’t think beyond that moment, I was going there to die. When I had to live, I was like, “If I’m going to live, I’m done living this crap.”

What had driven me into that hole was guilt. It was the friends that I had looked them in the eye and said I was going to help and do these things. This thing that we were going to invest in together, was going to be radically successful ended not happening. It was me being in business and it didn’t. I had to leave my daughters. The separation to my daughters, my family and my son when all of this went down, that separation I was carrying around on the back of my shoulder’s guilt. The thing that was holding the guilt on my back was blame. I was blaming my adopted father. I was blaming my upbringing. I was blaming everybody. I was blaming the economy. I was blaming my ex-wife. I was blaming everybody. As long as I had blame in my heart, it stayed stuck to my back. I couldn’t get rid of it.

Anybody that attacks me and wants to blame me for the crap that happened in their life, it’s the exact same thing. There’s no strength in blame. There’s no advancement, there’s no future in blame. When I sit here and I take all of this responsibility for the crap that I’ve done, two to tango baby. People who were getting involved in the things that I was investing in, they had all the same information that I did to say no. Every single one of them, I could go back and say, “This person had taken from his father-in-law. This person had spent money that they shouldn’t have out of their business. This person put it in because they were greedy. This person took money from other people to do it.” I could do that with every single human being. When I was going through all these things with the three letter folks, I never pointed a finger of blame at anybody. I said, “Here’s what I did. Here’s what my intention was and here was my experience.” I’m not a rat. There were a lot of other people who put money into that that should have been under those lights besides me, that didn’t ever end up under them. That had the comfort of being behind the scenes and me taking all the heat.

How do you hold on to that resentment?

It doesn’t do me any good.

Of course, but that’s easier said than done.

TBA 1 | The Bald Avenger

The Bald Avenger: “It’s in your moments of decision where your destiny is shaped.” – Tony Robbins


It’s easier to let go than it is to hold on because of the results that it produces. Anybody that’s going to come out of the woodworks and say anything about me, trust that their life is way worse than mine. It has nothing to do with Jason Sisneros. It has everything to do with the fact that they’ve given away their power into blaming somebody else. I was there. I was involved. I take all the responsibility in the world that I should and not one ounce more. I can’t do anything about what I did in the past except say, “I’m sorry,” and not do it again. There’s been no instances since every mistake I’ve made, except for a few and this comes in relationships. That one I keep punching myself in the balls but when it comes to business, the reason why Harvard grads trust me with their companies, is because of the mistakes and me not making them twice. I memorialized them. I’ve made right or at least done the best that I could in the past years since all that happened. It was many years ago that the last of this stuff went down, to make amends. I still do business with a large portion of them. I don’t believe that you should destroy any relationship.

Usually it’s the other person, their guilt and the skeletons that are in their closet, which is when they choose to destroy or to attack. I promise you, anybody that has made statements with you, if all they did was open the closet behind their handwaving there’s a bunch of crap in there. Now, when people attack me, I look in their closet. It’s amazing how fast you chase away trolls when they start saying things about you and you go, “You have a rape charge, a conviction.” This is the last person who decided that they wanted to attack me. This is their closet.

If you could ever visualize an attorney preparing for a court battle and seen evidence piles on the desk, that’s what we saw.

I’m going to give you some specific, “You’re a convicted rapist.” You’re going to attack me because I’m not by the way. That’s not one of the things I’ve ever done. You’ve stolen money from basically every one of your clients. I will not be bullied out of the seat that I sit in. If you want to say something that I’ve done, I don’t know how we get any more crystal clear. I spilled all my guts about everything that I’ve done. I will tell you that if people want to come after me, they’re going to get a light shined in their closet. If there’s no stuff there, good but if there is, understand that people will know about me and they will know about you. That’s the way that I look at it. You want to take a swing at me that’s fine, I’ve already punched myself in the nuts more than you ever could. With all the guilt that goes along with it, with all the coming out and having this stuff be of records for my children to see for a lifetime. There’s nothing you can do to me. What are you going to do? You’re going to make the audience hate me and take away my microphone? You can’t do that. I own this microphone and I could pay my internet bill.

Isn’t that beautiful?

It is beautiful.

You brought up your kids. What is that feeling like to know that your children know everything, they love you, respect you and admire you?

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We’re going to get into this later on, but you asked we’re driving towards where The Bald Avenger came from. We’re up to the edge of why it exists and let’s jump over it. There was an exercise done and I can’t remember where I did it, what event it was at. We went to our deathbed and then a little bit beyond, where we were witnessing our own funeral. The only thing that I cared about seeing at my funeral was my children, laughing about the stories of the time that we spent together and being proud of the Sisneros name. Having a standard to live up to for their own lives that they could look up to. Every decision I make and it took me 33, 34 years, this is why parenting is so powerful. It’s so important for people to understand, whether it’s a church or a good father, a good mother. I didn’t know these things. I had to learn it from people. I had to come across it on accident. I had to know that the pain that I was inflicting, the decisions that I was making had second and third level consequences to them. I make these decisions differently. That’s why I say, you can attack the old me and it’s not going to hurt me at all because that person’s dead. All you’re doing is attacking a carcass.

The new me doesn’t want to embarrass my kids. The new me doesn’t want to embarrass my mom, the new me doesn’t want to embarrass my friends, the new me doesn’t want to have people who love me make excuses for me. That comes from learning and looking past my death and seeing that I’m still going to matter when I’m not breathing. I’m either going to create a momentum that’s going to ease suffering or it’s going to continue creating suffering. I’ve created enough suffering. It’s ten years later from the last time that I honestly, genuinely feel like I inflicted pain knowingly. It’s been ten years removed from that and I’m still paying the price. I will probably still pay the price up until the day I die. The consequences of those mistakes and the people that I’ve hurt thinking I knew better.

When I look down on my funeral, from all of that time passed, I see my kids laughing. That’s why I took the comedy route. At the end of the day, this is the genuine desire for me, is for them to have joy in their heart and to know that they had dad that loved them. That they had a dad that loved those moments of connection and taking the pain that I’ve gone through as a kid myself. Being able to have them not face that from their dad, to not have coming from the hands of the man that was supposed to protect them. To have them understand and know that they’re loved unconditionally. Nothing that I see from that perspective has anything to do with the size of my audience. Nothing that I see from that perspective has anything to do with the size of my bank account. Nothing where I live, the size of my house, the car that I drive, the vacations I’ve been on, the influence that I have, the power that I have none of that perspective comes from that. It’s who I am to them as an individual now.

Back to your original question, which was that exercise where you’re looking back on your life. On your deathbed and then the year before as you’re dying or you got sick. The five years prior to that, the ten years prior to that, that eventually came to I have created some success. I’m doing some good things with philanthropy. If I had Mickey’s magic wand and could wave it over my life, what do I want to create? How does what I create become in alignment with what I see from the other side of my grave? Anybody who knows me from back in my gangbanging days, in drug dealing days and all that crap if they saw tears in my eyes, my nickname was psycho. That led into, “Let’s have some fun.” Whatever it is, I’m 47 years old. If I have ten years left, if I have five years left, if I have six months to live, if I have six hours left what did I do with that six hours? How did it add value to the bank of that three-part version of who I wanted to be for my kids on the other side?

I’m eternally sorry for the pain that I’ve caused in my life. There’re times when I think about it and you think about sometimes that you lived through, where you could have killed somebody else. You have these cringe-worthy moments, where you’re sitting there, even the thought of what you did or what you said. That’s something that people who have made these mistakes, we’re going to have to live with for the rest of our life. It doesn’t have to control the rest of our life. As I’ve done this as an experiment for the last few years, the one thing that keeps coming to me is that, Jason, the more you put yourself out there the more you give me permission to live, to start living again, to continue living, and to do those things. Even the visualization of the logo, I’ve never cared. You’ve seen my biggest companies’ logos. They’re letters. There’s zero thought that goes into them.

Yet the Bald Avenger, there’s a huge story. My daughter when she was four years old, we were at the zoo. We were going by and she looked at, “Daddy, it’s you.” She pointed and it was the silverback gorilla thing. Every time she sees a gorilla, she’s like, “Daddy, it’s you,” since she was four years old. The symbolism behind a silverback gorilla and what I will do to you if you mess with those that I love. If you want to interrupt me trying to feed my family or try to touch somebody that I love or do damage to them, it’s a red silverback gorilla. That’s the transformation that happens. We call it The Bald Avenger because by day I’m a bald mild-mannered businessman. It’s the other side and he’s holding the scales of justice because there are always two sides to a story. We live in this day and age, why does The Bald Avenger exist?

Let’s take Republicans and Democrats as a metaphor for what’s going on in the world and Liberal and Conservative and how they’re attacking each other to destroy each other. They don’t realize that it’s the tension in the middle. That’s what makes this country great. It’s not that we agree, it’s that we, biologically. If you get into the studies and we’re going to do this, I’ve got a neurosurgeon, I’ve got a biologist. I’ve got people who are going to talk to us about this, that are going to come on and tell. It’s in our DNA whether we’re going to be liberal or conservative. It’s almost not a choice. There’s some choice but it’s almost not a choice. What people call the word fairness consider that the middle ground. If you’ve got left, you’ve got progressive and you’ve got conservative, there’s a middle ground and that’s that tension that’s in between that. On one side of it, this line is called fairness. Progressives, Democrats or Liberals and we’re not talking the far extremes of either one. We’re not talking about the ones that are lying, using these things as puppets and trying to divide us for profit. I’m not talking about those.

TBA 1 | The Bald Avenger

The Bald Avenger: We call it The Bald Avenger because by day I’m a bald mild-mannered businessman. On the other side, I’m holding the scales of justice because there is always two sides to a story.


I’m talking about real people like you and I who got to live with the elites. The people that are power mongering and trying to turn this into an oligarchy. I’m talking about that word fairness. People on this side look at fairness and they go, “Some people may have more but we all share.” It’s a family or a tribe mentality. Fairness on this side says, “Whatever you go out and you kill, you get to eat. If you decide to give that to somebody else that’s up to you.” That’s fairness. That’s the basic I’m breaking it down way narrow. In the middle of it can be, yes individual, yes tribe. In history, if either one of those wins bad things happen. Over here, absolutism you end up with Hitler. On this side over here, you end up with Venezuela.

Describe what that is for people who don’t know.

Socialism, our world, this thing called the United States it works because of the tension in the middle. It works because we take a little bit over here, a little bit over here and we come up with a better solution in the middle. That’s what people are crying out for. They’re tired of the late-night comics tearing down Trump, his supporters and his followers. The people on the left who are doing that are almost tired of their own voice. They are tired of being attacked because it’s gotten into destruction. If we ever destroy one side or the other, if either one of these sides ever wins and completely destroys or quiets the other side of it, we are all in trouble. I don’t care which side it is. The Bald Avenger Scales of Justice, the answer is never ever going to come from an extreme position above, below, right, left. That’s the scales of justice. The answer’s in the middle. A lot of times you hear people say, “The only thing in the middle of the road is called roadkill.” There’s no profit evidently in the middle of being a reasonable human being these days. I have people on the extreme right and left that hate my guts because of this message.

What happens is, when we all understand it’s not about destruction it’s about advancement, progression and incremental improvement based on our conversations coming together for a better solution. I shouldn’t ever get everything I want and you should never get everything you want. It should be the best parts of those that come together. What happens when you do that, is we as a people the Misfit Nation wakes up and goes, “You can’t control me because I don’t hate that person anymore.” We may disagree vehemently, scream and get spit all over each other’s face but at the end of it, we’re going to hug it out and go, “Thanks, bro. Thanks, sister.” That’s the Scale of Justice. Anytime somebody comes in and tries to be that extreme right or the left, or tries to attack me, or tries to attack anybody in my Misfit Nation, daddy’s got resources.

I remember there was a time that you went to bat for me, when you didn’t have to. I’ll never forget it. I want to reiterate to the audience. I’ve been very blessed with. I watch from outside for a while and you watch me. I got to see how you were. Basically, everything that you put yourself out there to be, I got to see that you are genuinely that way, even when you don’t have to be when no one’s around. I don’t want to call it loyalty because you’d every reason not to stand to have my back. I’ll never forget it. I’ll never forget either the other time is that, this is before we were friends, I was interviewing you. I shared some information with you because I was inspired by watching you on stage. I took a big leap of faith into stepping into my truth. I was still doing this after. I was still covering up and for some reason that day, I was so inspired by what you said on stage about letting it out, letting your truth sing. I shared something with you that at that time, I only shared with a very small select group of people. You looked at me in the eyes and you didn’t know me. You told me you love me. Up until that moment I had never felt safe around a man ever.

I never had a male role model or influence. I’ll never forget that. We could have never been friends after that but I will never forget that moment. The reason I’m bringing this up to the audience is that, what you guys are going to experience on this podcast is a unique truth. It is completely unfiltered and it’s completely from love. Everything he shares is true. When he’s talking about walking that middle road in the Scales of Justice, you have to know that it’s true. It’s very real. What he addresses and what he has Facebook Lives and what he will do on the show is simple because it’s fair. It’s coming from love and it’s about forgiveness. It’s about acceptance. I’m a living breathing proof of that by my relationship with Jason. I appreciate that about you. I appreciate that you’re throwing common sense into the plans. I hope that this continues to grow the way it should, so the world can start to see, what are we fighting about? Politically, what are we fighting about? Why are we judging people who have a bad past? Your proof, I’m proof that you can use it for good.

Politically though, I want you to go a little bit further into this. I’ve seen you say complimentary things about Trump and take a beating for it. I’ve also seen you be very critical as well. You were the most liberal conservative I know. Do you care to explain it a little bit further detail about the liberal side of you versus the conservative side? Which to me mashes up and is common sense. It is fair and is getting bogged down to some very biblical principles. Explain to me, explain to the audience your liberal conservatism?

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My liberal conservatism, is going to be a movement that we have?

I don’t know. Is that a real thing? Did I make it up? When I think about you is that, I know the issues that you take on as a liberal but you’re very conservative in other ways.

The best way I can explain it for me is that I’m a centrist. I’m a pragmatist and I am conservative in certain areas. Remember that I break it down much different than all of these dumb asses who are trying to assign like, “He’s Hitler. No, he’s Hitler.” Everybody is assigning this Hitler thing and nobody in the United States I know of has mass murdered six million people yet. It could possibly happen but I don’t think it’s going to be Trump and I damn straight know it wasn’t Obama. I take a beating. I say nice things about Obama because he did some good things. He also did some radically damaging things but if you go back through history, every single president has, just like every single person reading this blog. It seems like we’ve forgotten to remember. I don’t ascribe myself to any specific religion, but throwing the first stone is something that should make a radical comeback. That’s a glass house you live in.

You’re going to attack Trump, a guy that has sacrificed everything that he’s got to go up there and to get beaten down by media, by Democrats that used to love his ass. Get called everything in the world and get no support. You want to tear him down. How about you go take a shot at that crap? You want to tear down Obama? How about the beating that he took, the kids and all? I understand everybody’s got to leaning one way or the other. I understand but if you live in this country you should support our president. They’re leading the ship that you happened to be on. It’s a common-sense thing to me and I know that other people have heard that viewpoint. I’m not going to destroy somebody because they’re blue, red, purple, yellow, orange, black, white or whatever. Which leads me into the other side of this, which is people that make determinations about other human beings based on the pigmentation of their skin.

I had a racist upbringing. My adopted father was a very white supremacist guy. I didn’t know until later that I’m black. I’m Hispanic. I’m Native American all of these other things. I used to get beat up by a Mexican gang. I used to get beat up by him and I was like, “I want to go back and tell him that, you’re beaten up one of your own.” I’ve got black. I’ve got Samoan. I have English. I have Irish. There’s this mixture of stuff that I am. Now, that I know because I did a blood test couple of years ago, but I was raised in that. It’s never made any sense to me how pigmentation links in any way, shape or form to behavior. Your behavior comes out of your spirit and your brain. If you listen to Martin Luther King’s I Have A Dream speech and you listen to the three premises that he puts forth, we’re there.

They don’t go back and parse the words and see what he was saying, we’re there. Now that we’re there what we want people to do is feel guilty because they have white skin. We want to stop one racism and start another one. How about, no. There is nothing that you, your audience, I or anything, we can’t do anything about this. We were born with it, we can modify it. We can do a few things but we can’t do anything. There’s enough crap that we have to look in the mirror and go, “You could not be a crap now. You can improve your vocabulary or you could take some personal responsibility.” Rather than going, “I’m looking in the mirror and I have white guilt. I feel bad about myself because I have dark skin.” You can’t do things about it, don’t pay attention to it nor should anybody else.

I think we’re seeing the death of racism and it’s dying. It wants to keep coming back. It wants to keep burying its head. There’s a bunch of idiots who believe that it has something to do with behavior, thought processes, intellect or IQ and those people will die out because they’re stupid. They will fall off of ladders because they didn’t anchor it to the wall. They’ll stab themselves in the eye with one of their motorized toothbrushes. These are stupid people. That’s what will happen. They’ll eventually die out. They’ll always be dumb people. I heard a long time ago, “You can’t fix stupid.” We obviously know somebody that speaks in racist terms or feels racist, they’re speaking that they’re stupid. They might as well put a sign on their head. Skin pigmentation matters to my brain. “I got it. Check.” Political leanings, I’m center. It’s how I describe my politics. I do not give a crap what people do in their own bedroom. As a matter of fact, I want to watch most of it. I don’t care about that. I believe that racism is stupid.

TBA 1 | The Bald Avenger

The Bald Avenger: Our future belongs to the people who can process clearly biased information from two different entities and be able to discern what is truth and what isn’t.


Separating ourselves by dumb things, is dumb. Dumb people buy into it because they’re not smart enough to think for themselves. Our future belongs to the people who can process clearly biased information from two different entities like Fox News and CNN and to be able to discern what is truth and what isn’t especially women. I’m proud to say that in my businesses and in our group of Misfit Nation, they’re primarily driven by very brilliant, bright women who are powerful, have their own voices and they’re learning and feeling more confident in their path. They’re leading the way.

The guys that say they’re not, they’re beating their women. They think that beating a woman makes them a tough guy. It makes him more of a weakling. That’s my opinion. True masculinity serves, it protects. It stands in front of. It’s the red ape and it’s the shield. The shield behind the red ape is a nickname that I got given by my domestic violence ladies at the New Dawn. They started calling me The Shield. It’s very representative of the work that I do in domestic violence. I’m very proud of that. Being a masculine man these days, it’s like they can’t open a door. It’s very confusing. I get it. People are supposed to feel bad because they have white skin. People are supposed to feel bad because they have black skin. People are supposed to feel bad because they have a penis now. Why don’t we worry about the things we can deal with? Transgender, they can do whatever they want. They have a decision to make. That’s their world that they’ve got to live in and God bless them. I love them too.

What somebody is going through as an individual, you can’t lump them into groups. You can’t say all black, all white, all Republicans, all Democrats because we’re all individuals. How I like to be judged and my life is how was my interaction with you? How I like to judge other people is how did you treat me when nobody was looking? That’s very important. My politics and my comedy to be honest with you, you saw me do, you’ve seen my routine. My routine was way more right than a lot of comedy you hear. We made fun of toxic masculinity. Another made up thing that we should hate ourselves over. How do I measure in my bloodstream how toxic my masculinity is? “Let me be miserable because I have toxic masculinity.” We talk about white privilege. We talked about racism. We talked about these things and people laughed. That room that we were in was primarily left-leaning folks. We had a great time. Anywhere you go, you can look anywhere and you can find yourself a left-leaning or left-radical comedian. There are not very many people like me that can do comedy that center. That’s to me it’s not even labeling it, it’s common sense.

Remember how you were $2.5 million in debt, you had that to get to zero. When you’re talking about. You were a little bit past zero when it comes to right wing. You’re still, common sense. You have a giving heart.

I’ve had multiple experiences and it’s been one mentor at a time. One person who seeded into me and it was witnessing. I didn’t have a father figure that was anything other than beat the crap out of the problems that are in front of you. Screw other people before they screw you because that’s the way the world works son. That’s what I brought into my 30s, to be honest with you. It was watching Tony and it was watching people that I respect, that I look up to, loved and watching people forgive. People would screw them over in business and I would want to bury them in the desert because I screwed over and watching my mentors, “Jason, don’t do that.” There’s a lot more stuff. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get angry. It doesn’t mean that I don’t get upset but I spend 90% plus of my time with a smile on my face these days. The reason is because I love my life. I love the people that I’m around. I love the work that I get to do. It’s not easy. There’s a lot of storms that go on in business and in trying to break through here. The people that look to be threatened. This is my first podcast and you have no idea how many haters that I have that are in the business, that are upset that I’m coming in. It’s crazy to me. The point being is that my politics is one of common sense. I do lean right. I do have a lot of very liberal viewpoints of this world. I do not hate my Democrat or Liberal or Progressive family. We’re all family. Whatever you do affects me, whatever I do affects you.

I’ve seen you have it out with people too.

I’m not going to be soft. We’re going to battle and then we’re going to hug it out at the end. That’s going to be what you’re going to see from this show. We will yell, scream, laugh, cry and do all of that stuff. At the end of it, I have to be the example that I want to see in the world. We’ve heard that a million times but a lot of people decide to go out and make their example of a douche bag. You want to be more of a douche bag you’re experiencing, attracting, enhancing and adding two more douche bag in the world.

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One of the other things that I know about you is your insane amount of energy. It’s one thing to do a podcast with enough energy, then you go away and you take a nap. I hop on the session early. I saw you on the boardroom strategizing with your team. I saw everything mapped out. I know how much work that took. I know the fact that you were up super early starting your day and your routine. I also know that you’re at the gym sometimes at 10:00 to 11:00 at night.

The session that we’re doing is another three-hour session around business.

All things that are exhausting, all things that are tiring because you’re doing a show, a podcast, a broadcast is exhausting for a lot of people. You’re doing this all day long. Exerting a lot of energy, putting out a lot of energy into other people, using your brain, you’re solving problems, you’re easing suffering. How in the hell do you do it? A lot of people who have had the past and a lot of the struggles used drugs and alcohol to numb that pain, get through, they hurt their bodies, are in bad health. You are a freaking machine. How are you doing that? What do you do to take care of yourself? Health and fitness is important to you but for you it’s vitality. That’s the word that you like to use. What is vitality to you and how are you doing what you’re doing?

When we started talking about what we wanted, what were the segments that we wanted to dive into? I don’t want this to be a wandering generality. I want people to be able to come here know what they get. They’re going to get a little politics. They’re going to get from my perspective and I’m going to make fun of it. They’re going to get some philanthropy because that’s who I am. It’s what I want to spend time doing it. I’m going to make fun of that too. They’re going to get some business because that’s my background. They’re going to get some ways for business, business owners or how to increase or enhance your ability to be able to attract revenue or higher wages for yourself. We’re going to get a little bit of that because that’s who I am and I’m going to make fun of that too. I’ve got years of comedy from my business experience. You’ve been in a couple of them. The fourth part was, we started out and it came out as health and it came out as fitness. Words matter to me and it didn’t set right. I started thinking about my own obsession with my health. I started thinking about obsession with my fitness.

It’s exactly like the Misfit Nation, we take in a lot of information. I have a very clear outcome. I want to optimize my health, energy, mental clarity so that I can perform at the top notch from the time I wake up to the time I go to bed. I want my sleep to be restorative. I’m very specific about the words that I use because people are like, “I want to be healthy. I want to be fit.” What does that mean? I’ve got a lot of empathy in this area because my health has been damaged. My vitality, energy levels have been low. Being addicted to do the things, not having good food, going days without food when I was homeless. All of this stuff there was times in my life when it wasn’t optimal. I started thinking about it and we scratched it. I finally came up with the word vitality and vitality means taking all of the known and cutting-edge information that exists out there, including the doctor that I work with from New York. I’ve got another woman that I work with, I call my witch doctor, chiropractic, muscle, cryo and all of it and testing it to see, can I operate a little higher like not drinking? Drinking less or only drinking at specific times, reducing my sugar intake, all of these things.

What’s enhancing my ability to be able to exude my energy out into the universe, to be able to make a difference in other people’s lives? In business you have to move very stubborn people who think they know it all, from this place to this place. You have to move them there and then not only that but you have to let them think that it was their idea in the first place. You’re dealing with big egos when you’re dealing with business owners. That’s the thing that keeps them broke most often. The great thing with me is I had my ego beaten out of me with bad decisions in being a crappy business owner.

I had no ego left I’m like, “Teach me because I don’t want to go broke again. Three times was enough.” That’ll destroy you. Vitality for me means how can we optimize our individual health at such a level, that we’re doing the best that we can with the day that we have in front of us? That’s going to bring in different modalities. I’m going to bring in some way-out people. I’m going to bring in some people that are very mainstream. I’m going to bring in alternative health. I’m going to bring in all kinds of people to talk about the things that I do specifically and some things that are going to be coming in the near future. I happen to have a lot of access to people through MIT, Harvard, Yale or through these other places that have a lot of cutting-edge information in this area that a lot of people don’t see and can’t have access to. We’re going to bring that through because this is free. This is going to be something anybody can download and listen to. I want to bring the best information in those four segments that I possibly can that people don’t have to pay for.

TBA 1 | The Bald Avenger

The Bald Avenger: The people that have genuinely made mistakes genuinely want to reveal those mistakes so that they become their strengths and can improve this world.


That matters because there’s a lot of misinformation out there. Google is an amazing thing and it’s also the worst thing that’s ever been created in a way. Coconut oil’s going to give you a heart attack. When that came out, I remember having a panic attack, “Coconut oil was going to kill me? I freaking bathe, I cook eggs in it, I love that stuff and it’s crap. It’s not true, I hope. That’s one example of how much misleading information is out there. To have somebody who knows that has something that’s working for them, to bring in those resources to educate the audience is amazing. That’s worth reading. This is not some Dr. Oz thing either. No offense because if Dr. Oz comes from show, I’m going apologize. He’s full of crap. Like The Doctors TV show, you pay to get your product on there and have them talk about it. It’s called product placement. It’s a huge business. You can’t trust what they’re saying, I’m sorry. I’m hoping I’m not ruining anything for you in the future here. In my opinion, I know because I’ve had products go on that show, I know how it works. To have real information from people, real legitimate gurus to have them come and educate is amazing. I love that you are doing this. It surprised me when you told you were going down this route. I’m stoked about that.

It’s something that I’m passionate about and it’s made a big difference in my life. We’re doing the same thing in all of those segments. There are a lot of business gurus out there. We need people to know what not to spend their energy, time and effort going after. We need people in philanthropy. there are bad charities out there. There are artists that exist in that world that you wouldn’t believe. In all four of those areas, we’re going to overlay it with comedy. I’m going to have a great time on all of these. We’re going to have powerful conversations. I’m not going to let people slide with the surface answers that they give on other stuff. I don’t live in a surface level world anymore. I used to care about what I drove but none of that matters to me. I don’t think it matters to most people. What size your house, how much money you have or all of that stuff there, they’re douchebags. If they care where you live as an indicator of your heart, that’s not the people I want to hang out with. I’ve met some of the best people in jail.

I’ve met some of the worst people in their mansions and vice versa. I’ve met some great wealthy people and I’ve met some crappy people that belong in jail. It’s an individual relationship and that’s who I want to bring. People that are real, people that are offering real value, something that’s different. There are five million podcasts out there. I don’t want mine to be another one of them. I want this to be the one where you come, you have a great time and you learn something along the way. You’ve got to forgive yourself a little bit that day. Vitality is a big piece of that.

That is one of the areas that you are bringing. You could do the business podcasts. I’ve seen your business lives and when you can go and it’s something you know a lot about. You’re very passionate about teaching people the right way, knowing that there’s an order for everything. I’ve seen you do that. I’ve seen you do it with truth. I’ve seen you do it with charities. The fact that you’re bringing all of this together, there’s so much value. That to me is what’s separating this podcast from everything else. That’s for me an outsider to you, why is this different? Why is The Bald Avenger and The Bald Avenger experience different than everything else out there?

Everything’s been done except for my life. I can’t claim the brilliance of thinking that. I got it in my research about comedy. It was Jerry Seinfeld that was asked the question, “How does your jokes, how do they not get old?” Everything’s been done in comedy except for my life. Everything’s been done in podcasting, everything’s been done in broadcasting. I have a fairly unique life. Everything’s been done except for my life and that means I can bring something different to it. I’m not doing this for influence or money. That’s not why I’m doing this. I’m doing this to build a bigger audience so that we can do better. We can have a bigger audience for charity. That’s what my life. I belong to the misfits to take a sentence out of the greatest movie I’ve ever seen about Freddie Mercury called Bohemian Rhapsody.

Right at the beginning of his career he said, “We belong to the misfits to the outcasts.” I believe that my life has been lived in such a way and the blessings that I now claim as my own, that I belong legitimately to the misfits. The people who are trying to do good in this world, not the people who are trying to be antisocial. The people that have genuinely made mistakes and they genuinely want to reveal those mistakes so that they become their strengths, so that we can improve this world. This world I believe if it ended is worse off. If we were all to die, if this generation was all to die, it’s worse off for our kids for the first time I think in the history of the world. It’s going to be worse off because of the selfish immediacy world that we live in. I got to get mine. We’re forgetting that the idea of being a good steward is leaving it better off than we found it. We’re not doing that. It’s not happening.

That’s what this movement is about. That’s what The Bald Avenger is here for. It’s to fight for those opportunities and it’s for those opportunities to face those things and be able to leave a better world when we’re done. Instead of looking at my life I used to when I caused all that pain, I look at it like I’m the grandfather building The Sistine Chapel. I get to build the foundation. Maybe some of the structure, maybe a little bit of the roof but I’m gone. It goes on to the sun. He goes under the father, that father gets to finish the roof, puts the outside of it and gets to start putting together the interior and then they die. It’s the grandson ultimately who gets to get in, put the paint on it and you don’t have people come up to him and say, “Your grandfather never got to see this.” Yes, he did. I see a better future. I see my implementation. I see my place in it.

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I don’t see an overblown view of who I am in it and I’m a piece of it. Me making this decision to do this and to expose myself the way that I have and to open myself up to fear criticism, attacks. I already have death threats for the work that I’ve done. The criticism I’ve got from the people who have known me in the past and all of the things that I’ve already gone through to get here. It’s like, “You can’t touch me.” I believe that I’m here for a higher purpose than myself. That means that I will always have an air of protection around me. That protection goes away by the way if this ever becomes about me.

It’s easy for someone to say and I’m going to relate it this way, “He’s calling himself The Bald Avenger.” I call myself The World’s Mayor and the reason why is because I believe everybody gets to win. It’s creating a space for everyone to win including people that have been pieces of crap I used to be. It’s not just me, The World’s Mayor, the idea is to influence and inspire other people to do the same thing so that there’s a ripple effect, being a part of the Misfit Nation. It’s The Bald Avenger and you the Misfit Nation of the people, they call themselves that. They named it, you didn’t do that. They did but the whole point is for The Bald Avenger to create this ripple effect of showing, it’s okay to be a misfit. It’s okay that you did some bad things but you get to start using that bad things to fuel a beautiful purpose. To help set other people free, to help empower other people, to live their truth and to turn away from that life they used to have and start living free. Start living and going, “You could take that beating you got from your father. You can take that molestation. You can take that addiction. You can take that and fuel it for something that changes the world.” Whether it’s a small part or big part, the whole point is to inspire others to do the same. It’s on an egocentric thing to call yourself The Bald Avenger.

Anybody who thinks it is, here’s the greatest part. Shut the podcast off and never read this again. It’s easy. I don’t understand all the energy people get it. I’m like, “Get a life. Watch Batman.” I don’t understand all the energy that people go into bitching about people. Here’s the thing that we’ve got to do, we’ve got to band together. What I love about the Misfit Nation is when somebody comes in and attacks, they go, “Pew.” You’re saying things about yourself. You’re reflecting poorly on yourself. If you are such a miniscule, tiny, little maggot of a human being, that the only skill set you have is attacking other people’s attempt at making the world a better place, go back to your closet. Go there, stay there. Turn me off because I don’t have the patience for it and I don’t have to put up. You don’t want to be my fan or you’re going to dislike, or you’re not going to like me, or whatever I don’t give a crap. It doesn’t mean anything to me. I’m not monetizing my interaction here by if you like me or not. I don’t care. This is part of the first time I’ve said, it is that I don’t care. I care deeply but I don’t care about those people who refuse to look at themselves before they come and attack me.

The beauty of the Misfit Nation too is if you were to take everybody or to put their problems in front of them, we’re all sitting in a line. Here’s our problems and if you were to look at and have the opportunity to judge, you would have every piece of ammunition you need to judge. The Misfit Nation uses all of that to go, “I love you and I recognize what you’re doing with that.”

Don’t do it anymore.

Definitely don’t do it anymore.

Don’t do it anymore because that’ll get you ejected from the Misfit Nation. You come in and you get some sympathy, you get some loving and then if it starts to be about the attention, you’re not going to last long because your story is just a story.

TBA 1 | The Bald Avenger

The Bald Avenger: The crazy never goes away. You just have to shine light on it and go, “I hope nobody else gets screwed by this guy.”


It’s amazing how the influence has trickled down. It’s not following of Jason and The Bald Avenger, everyone in that group that I’ve noticed, there’s an accountability. Everyone holds each other accountable to what you said.

Even me, how many times you see people on there go, “Jason, you need to eat your own dog food. In one fashion or another. I thought you said this,” and I either go, “You’re right,” or “Here’s why it’s different.”

That’s beauty and even in doing that there’s an authenticity and a genuine loving nature to all of it and that’s inspiring. You talk about leaving a legacy. When was the last time somebody was so proud to be a misfit? You made being a misfit for good this amazing thing. There are so many things that I’ve learned over the last few years of knowing you. For a year of that, was more outside watching but the last year of getting to truly know you, there’s a lot of lessons I’ve learned. It always goes back to that conversation we had on my show. You looked at me and you said, “You’re not broken.” That’s sometimes hard for us and the audience that not only had stuff happen to them, did a lot of bad stuff to other people but also hurt themselves. It’s hard for some of us to look at us and go, “I’m not broken.”

You know why I know that so hard is because I spent the biggest portion of my life thinking that I was defective, even the people who attack me. The position I’m in, it’s a protected position. I try to protect people sometimes against destroying their own businesses. I have to stand in between them and destroying their own company. I look at it and I feel so sad for them. I don’t stay in it but I feel so sad for them when I pour my heart and soul into somebody. They’ve been their whole life. Some of the biggest mistakes that I’ve ever made is intervening in somebody’s karma. I can think of three very specific situations where I stepped in. I was helping this guy with his business. The four people that I’m going to talk about are all by the way the loudest critics of me behind my back, not to my face. Normally we do background checks and stuff before we work on companies to find out who they are. My heart was to serve and to help. We took on this one business and got into it. I started to see all kinds of mistakes which we go in and we fix that’s why we exist in the first place.

We didn’t do the background check, so on and so forth. I come to find out that this person who was doing this work when the background check came through, was operating the business under a false different name. They had done time for killing their girlfriend’s son. I was trying to understand, trying to not judge and trying to be in that place of love. What can I do to support? Being, “There wasn’t a decision yet to stop making the choices that had put that person in that place.” Backing out and then to find out later that this is a person who is like, “We brought Jason in,” to have them talking crap. Are you serious? We rescued that and not only that but took a division out of it with some great people. We made some money with that division because I was managing it. There’s another story, when I say, “I get heart sucked into things.” My team they’ve built up this wall so that they can do a little bit of due diligence before I go all in on something.

I went in on another all in on something that I thought was amazing and I helped them have their best experience that they’ve ever had. This isn’t an ego-based thing but you get in there you do it. You find out why, the decisions and the repetitive actions that they take while they’re in there. The fact that they said that they were doing all this good, really what they were doing good work for was their own wallet. I have to extricate myself out of that because I don’t want to destroy anybody on the way out. Trust me in all four of these scenarios, I have tons and tons of ammunition to be able to publicly destroy these people. I don’t want to do that. It’s to say that when this happens to you, as it happens to me, that person went on to talk about me again behind my back.

When probably one of the biggest impacts at the organization, the third one, is hilarious because it was somebody that I worked with, a friend of mine that I had known for a few years, never did any business together, just watched what this person did. We weren’t close friends. We ended up at different places and so on and so forth. Anyways, got involved and he said, “I’m in trouble. I need some help with my business.” Again heart-centered coming in, looking at it, seeing that the reason why the company was always in that same position was because of the decisions that this person keeps making. Then stepping in and there was an intervention where this person had over $1 million of one of his clients was not performing. I had to get in and intervene so that they weren’t going to go after this person criminally and ended up being able to negotiate that whole thing out. I say because of me because all of the letters and all the emails and all of the stuff that I took on, I could have gone, “You are so messed up. I’m out.” That would have been the smart decision for me. I don’t make smart decisions when my heart and my loyalty are involved.

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Then going forward getting into that and kept enforcing. The biggest piece of what we do is enforcing discipline, process and procedure. The more that I did that, the more this person has resented and the more that there was some stuff going on in the background. This person was with his wife and they were doing fantasy stuff. I don’t care what people do in their own bedrooms. I happen to be involved in it for six or seven months and didn’t even know about it. He was having his wife call him my name. You can’t make this up. This was going on and I don’t know I’m just helping the company. I’m never in the presence of him and/or his wife ever except for three times over the course of two years or whatever it was. Never was I around his wife without him around. All of this starts to fall apart around this guy. His wife wants a divorce because he’s abusive. He literally hired a person to have sex with his wife and then got pissed off at the guy and didn’t pay him. This is public record. The guy sued him because he didn’t get paid for having sex with his wife. This is what we’re dealing with.

Here’s my point. This is a person who in public has attacked me and all of the things that I’ve been doing and all the stuff that I did in the past. He was trying to say this and that in the other because he’s handwaving. This is not an example. I’m not going to say the person’s name. I’m not going to out them as to who they are. The point is this is the stuff. I didn’t know any of this. All I was trying to do was save my friend’s business. I was pouring me and my team’s energy and effort into it and financially because I have the checkbook and the finances because we were helping. It did improve. Statistically, financially, everything improved in this company, then everything started falling apart. I started getting accused for having an affair with his wife, which never happened. You know me well enough right now. I would tell you that I was having an affair. I would admit it right now because that’s something that I would be proud of. I would say, “I had this affair and this is what happened and he’s a douche bag.” I didn’t know he was a douchebag when all of this stuff was going on.

He then steals from this person. This person that he’s married to, his wife he’s bullying and threatening her life and all of this other thing while he’s having affairs behind her back. This just goes on and on. On his way out, he decides to be such a coward that he goes back for child support against his ex-wife. I would never do that. You would never do that because we would never do something like that. He went back for child support for his kid that was not her kid. When you make all of these together, this is how crazy it gets. Then all of a sudden, all the craziness breaks loose and I start hearing from my friends, “Did you steal his business?” Number one, it was a crappy business that I don’t want to have anything to do with. This was a few years ago now.

Time would prove it out that if I’m not in that business, I didn’t steal the business. Two is that I was having an affair with his wife behind his back, which I never was alone with her ever in the entire time because they live in another country. Then it would bear out to say in the next two years if I was, I would have seen her since then or had an affair with her since then, it hasn’t happened. I gave them both advice at the end of this. I said, “Stop hating each other and go to work on what you’re both individually beautiful at.” One decided to descend into madness and ended up ripping off one of his other partners for $650,000. Ultimately his ex-wife went on to be massively successful with the programs, the processes, and the procedures. Not hiring us but she learned the processes and procedures, the thinking and the stuff that we taught her while we fix their business and went on with that. She’s crushing it in the marketplace.

Every person I know has a crazy person story. To stay silent about it and to let it happen, you go, “The crazy is going to go away.” No, the crazy never goes away. You just have to shine light on it and go, “I hope nobody else gets screwed by this guy.” Convicted rapist, has a suit that he lost. He had to pay the guy that he paid to have sex with his wife so he lost the court case against him. All of it is documented. These are all the three stories. These are just examples. Out of my own life, I could go on and on about stalkers and crazy things that have happened in my life. The last one is important to me and it lands in the realm of philanthropy.

As I was telling you, I only talk about one undercover rescue that I go on because I don’t want to talk about the other entities that I’m with. It’s part of the agreements that I have with them. I won’t mention their names because that is dangerous. The one that I was invited on to go on that has now had two documentaries done around it and a full motion picture film is being made about, which has Jim Caviezel as a star, is going to come out. Tony Robbins was on it. He spoke about it on MSNBC and a couple of other things. We were supposed to talk about this and go out and tell the world. The only one I talk about you will never find anything on any recording or anything that I’ve ever done talking about any other mission. I don’t do it.

I get this phone call about this philanthropic thing that I’m getting ready to do. This phone call was a guy who knew me fortunately. He goes, “Jason, you’re not going to believe this. We got a phone call saying that you’re a fraud and that you don’t work in the undercover sex slave world.” I was like, “Really?” I have pictures, footage, documentary, all this kind of stuff. I was like, “Interesting. Who said it?” The person told me who said it. I called that person who I happen to know. He goes, “I’m surprised and impressed that you would call me directly about this. What about me makes you think that I’m going to shy away from controversy or somebody’s talking crap about me?” I didn’t care because it doesn’t matter. The guy knew me and it wasn’t going to affect or impact. He goes, “It was this person.” He told me who the person was.

TBA 1 | The Bald Avenger

The Bald Avenger: When you are actively serving someone else, it’s impossible for you to feel pity or sorrow or physical pain.


This person was somebody who was associated to the same entity. We didn’t do missions together but was associated to it. This guy asked, “You must go shoulder to shoulder with Jason Sisneros on these missions?” He goes, “No, Jason doesn’t do that.” He talks about it a lot in public because he wants all the glory and this that and the other, “He doesn’t do that stuff.” He was talking mad about me. I called the guy and we had a conversation. If somebody would have come up to me and said, “Do you go shoulder to shoulder with him?” I would have said yes off the bat because I know he was associated to the same outfit that was easing suffering and saving people. I would have never said anything different. If I would have said anything, I would have said, “No, we haven’t been on a mission together but he does missions and he does these things. He cedes back into this place and I love him as a brother. We’re brothers.”

I was like, “Why would you feel it necessary?” This is in philanthropy around a well-known entity that is doing great things where people inside of charity are measuring their self on how much more they’re doing than somebody else. I still don’t talk about him because the fact that this man has done those, he’s gone undercover, he’s risked his life. He’s done those things. I love you, brother. He’s going to end up reading this because this is going to stir some stuff. It’s going to stir all kinds of things everything that I’ve been talking about. I love you, brother, and you do great work. I’m sorry and I feel bad for whatever is inside of you to have to tear me down and tell a mistruth to somebody to make yourself feel better about yourself. I’m sorry for you. I feel that way about every story that I told. You know this about me, this is not fake statement. I love each and every one of those men that I spoke about because they’ve all made mistakes. In terms of doing great things, they have made some massive mistakes while they were on their way to do great things.

I think all four of them have the opportunity and are doing good things. I think that they have the opportunity to do more good things if they wouldn’t try to measure their selves with people, if they would say, “Let’s go do better with what I have and the tools and resources I have at my disposal.” That’s my hope. That’s my love. That’s my blessing to them. That’s my forgiveness because I don’t have time for their crap to carry around animosity. The one guy who keeps going out and saying stuff in public, he makes himself look like a dumb ass all the time. It’s ruining his career. He’s burying himself in his ability to create revenue and he’s a brilliant human being. All of these people could drop that baggage of comparison to me because my star is just rising. It isn’t going to get any duller. It’s going to do nothing but get brighter and it’s going to shine brighter. It’s going to get bigger and it’s going to do more things. I’m going to love more. The more stuff that happens to me, you’re going to turn me into a bigger lover. Come at me with your crap because I’m going to love you through it and I’m going to get better. It’s going to make me stronger. Your hate feeds me.

There have been so many things to take out of this. There have been nuggets that you’ve learned from other people, there’s been your own wisdom. I love the direction that you want to take this. Closing your eyes and we’re pretending to be little kids again where we used to play pretend and we would imagine ourselves. I imagined myself as being a radio host. I would visualize these things as a kid, and for some reason as adults we forget to do that. You’re somebody who is creative, you express yourself through writing, reading, and creating content. You’ve visualized what is possible for this podcast, for this experience. Do you mind sharing with the audience what that is?

I see two things. I see two outcomes. I see a giant engaged audience. We’re in a timeframe where there’s a whole bunch of people who feel left out. There are a lot of people that are so certain that on the left they’re right and on the right they’re right, and that they’re wrong and they need to die. There are these fringes on the outside and there’s all of us in the middle going, “This is like watching my mom and dad fight. It’s killing me.” There’s a bunch of us who feel that way. I feel that way. There are a lot of brilliant minds. There are a lot of great things that could be happening in this country that could be advancing us and could be advancing the world because we are a light unto the world. We ease more suffering in the world than any other country. If we could come together, we could be doing that on an exponential scale.

The comedians in the world who lost faith in humankind, George Carlin being one of them. He lost faith. I don’t want to lose faith. He said, “With this prefrontal cortex, the thing that makes us different from any other animal walking this planet or anything that we’ve so far discovered in the universe, that we’re utilizing that power for us to hate each other and to create division.” For us to find things to kill each other over, he gave up on people and started making fun of them. He pointed at their consumerism, their religion, their politics and all the other stuff. I don’t want to do that. The outcome that I see for this is that my voice either lights away or becomes part of another light or a group of lights that is trying to be sane and to love each other. To take this world that likes to use power, influence, hatred, and division to control people for monetary power or for religious power or for political power. That we come together and we go, “That’s not necessary.” In a free-thinking intellectual being and group of an animal kingdom such as the human animal, we can love more. We can reach out and forgive more.

Here’s the thing that I’m addicted to why I say people’s hate feed me. It’s because what it does is I’m absorbing the hatred from them so somebody else doesn’t have to absorb it. I know because I was trained by a massively abusive human being from six years old to seventeen for eleven years. I absorbed someone’s hatred and learned how to take their hate, learned how to take those beatings and learned how to transform that into what I’ve become. Any amount of hate that comes at me I know how to turn that thing. It’s like you give me lead and I’ll turn it into gold. Feed me because I’m taking the beating for people who are too weak to do it.

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Isn’t that interesting how in the beginning of my life I took my mom’s beating so that I could grow up and take the reader’s beating? Anytime anybody is attacking me, I know that they’re metaphors for the attacks that other people are getting in their life to shut their light down, to shut their mouths up, to put them in the corner. There are black women in this world who have been raped, who have been taken advantage of by the police. There are white women in this world who have been raped and that have been taken advantage of by their husbands or by the police. There are great police officers in this world who have given their life protecting black women and white women.

There are all of these different mixtures. For us to point our hate at a group, it no longer serves. It’s like the knowledge that when you smoke, you’re going to get lung cancer. That knowledge is now starting to permeate our collective understanding and belief systems to say, “I can’t hate police because there are some good ones. I can’t hate black people because the surgeon who saved my life was one. I can’t hate white people because they helped free the slaves.” We’re living in a time where the lung cancer of now is the hatred that causes division. That’s the lung cancer. We know it. I believe that my voice will help filter that back. We’re going to have some interesting people. The first people that I’m bringing in here are all of the New Dawn girls, women. I’m bringing them all in. We’re going to sit around a table and that’s going to be a free for all for however long it takes.

It’s a good thing that you are not on regular radio.

I don’t need regular radio. The entire universe has got that up for me to say whatever I want. I use hatred as fuel and there’s no fence around me as far as access to an audience. We’ve got to turn that into love. That’s what I see. Whether the public embraces me or they don’t, like I’ve been doing for the last 47 years of my life, I’m going to continue easing suffering in one way or the other. This podcast doesn’t determine who I am whether I’m successful, whether it becomes popular, whatever it is. This should be a voice for people who don’t have a voice for themselves. It should be a platform for people who don’t have the financial resources to be able to do it or the time to do it or the wherewithal to do it. Maybe they’re afraid because if they do come out and say some of the things that I say, that they’ll be shunned by Hollywood, by their job, by their mother-in-law or by their father-in-law. This is what it’s built for is for those people who can’t speak for themselves because that’s what I’ve been doing my entire life. That’s where we’re going to head and that’s what we’re going to do. I’m stoked.

I’m inspired because you don’t have to do this, but you’ve chosen to take the, “I get to do this. I get to use this medium.” I told you there is going to be a brand-new world that’s introduce to you and what you’re all about. That makes me giddy because I know what you’ve done for me in my life as a friend, as a mentor. It’s not like you tell me what I want to hear and when I want somebody to coddle me, you kick me in the ass in a very loving way. I admire that you’ve taken this on and I admire how you’ve learned how to shift people’s hate to fuel your love. What a noble concept. I know based on what the Misfit Nation is or some people that are on the outside looking in if they belong or not. There are people who just feel lost. There are people who know that they have something special inside them but they haven’t been able to figure out how to use it, or they haven’t figured out how to break free from those chains of their past. They’re still believing that there are always going to be a piece of crap like their father. They’re always going to be a failure. They’re never going to succeed in business because they’ve kept failing. They’re never going to succeed in love because they’ve failed every other time. Because of that, they’re at this like, “I’m afraid to step out in my truth because it hurts so bad. I don’t know if I can take another failure.” What do you say to those people?

I say salvation is found in service.

I know what you mean but please expand.

TBA 1 | The Bald Avenger

The Bald Avenger: Everyone has a business need. Regardless of where you’re at in your career, you have a need.


There are all kinds of studies. I’ve got a cool guy that I’m trying to get to come in on this subject. When you are actively serving someone else, it’s impossible for you to feel pity or sorrow or physical pain if you’ve got certain ailments, I get it, but it lessens it. Even the physical pain, when you’re in service of someone else. We’re all addicts. We’re all running around, we’re addicted to something. We’re addicted to normalcy, we’re addicted to problems, we’re addicted to abuse, we’re addicted to drugs, we’re addicted to alcohol, we’re addicted to problems, and we’re addicted to food. We’re all addicted to something. When you get into service, you get this little hit of, “That felt good.”

We’re not talking about just the fluffy thing, the selfish side of it is that you see somebody that’s worse off than you. Nobody will say that publicly. It is something that people get out of it is that, “This person is doing worse than I am.” It makes you feel a little better about yourself. You care about your own life. You won’t hear people say that publicly but it’s the truth. Don’t feel bad about it because the other side of that equation is it takes some of your own pain away. Now you start to get addicted to something that’s a different vehicle than you were addicted to, your own pity parties, your own sorrow, your alcohol, your drugs. How bad of Earth would it be if everybody was addicted to serving those who are worse off than them? I’d like to try that version of humanity, whether it ever happens or not. I don’t believe we’ve ever tried that version of humanity.

What if we all got addicted to helping somebody that’s worse off than we are? That became our measure of success, not the house, not the car, not the power, not the money, not all that kind of stuff. How many people did you help who were worse off than you? What that does is that wakes up another version of you that now goes, “Instead of helping one person, what if I help two? What do I have to do to help two people? I’ve got to get better skill sets. I have to have better influence skill sets. I have to learn more so you become better.” My complete belief about life is that we’re put here to get as good as we possibly can for the purpose of serving as many as we can. I don’t ascribe to a specific religion or a specific belief. Here’s my belief. I believe there’s a God and I’m not him or her. That’s my only real belief system that I have about the spiritual realm is that I believe there’s something bigger than me out there and I’m not him or her. This becomes how people get out of their pain and their suffering is to help someone out of theirs. Then to become addicted to that more and more. Then you start to become somebody who likes compromise. Your version and my version, I know that the compromise is somewhere in the middle and it’s probably going to be better than either one of us could have come up by ourselves. That’s what I believe.

This is not even going in deep yet. I’m so inspired by what you’re doing here and you’ve challenged me. Every time I talk to you, I feel challenged up my game. Even now like I’m doing my show, I want to go to another level. I admire the work that you put in to make this happen. I’m excited to see where this goes. I’m excited about your guests. I’m excited to keep learning from you. This is going to be a blessing. I’m happy that you’ve had me on.

I appreciate you being here. I struggled for weeks and finally I was like, “The right answer is to have Joshua come in here and have this conversation with me because I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I love you and you are doing big things in the world. You are your own worst enemy and as am I. Getting past that and us loving each other, we’ve had rough conversations, we’ve had fun conversations. We have had good times and we’ve had struggles. That’s the way that family works. What I look forward to is the Misfit Nation becoming a family loosely associated or tightly associated or whatever it is. I can tell you that my Misfit Nation family right now, I could not have imagined a more diverse group of people that I love with every cell of my body.

To come together and call themselves and to hashtag themselves Misfit Nation and to be a part of this and to name themselves. To have the honor be the de facto guide or leader or whatever you want to call it, of a group of people who are giant hearts and souls. That had been buried under a mountain of criticism and mistakes and those types of things. The things that I iterated and we talked about is just an example. Those are the metaphors for other people. The fact that I fight back against that, the fact that I can forgive them not only can I forgive them but I turn all that in to great conversations of people that go, “You’re not anything like that person said you were.” That stuff feeds my soul. It feeds my spirit. It gives me energy.

The more that somebody comes at me like that, it allows me to love more, to have more empathy, to be able to deliver more empathy. For people who are in this group to be able to forgive themselves one more time, to get on the bike one more time because that’s the person that’s going to save my life. That’s the person that’s going to save your life. That’s the person that’s going to end up making this world a better place for my children, my grandchildren and future generations for everybody. That’s who I’m calling. This is not a, “Listen to Jason talk.” This is a, “Get into action.” Go to The Bald Avenger page on Facebook, join us. Get to know other Misfit Nation folks. Join our pages. Go to Instagram @TheBaldAvengerOfficial. All of the hashtags and all the stuff that my social media team who is topnotch and world-class will be putting out there and help us spread the message. That’s all we’re looking for. When somebody says, “Jason, how can we help? How can we help you with your philanthropic work? How can we help you in this area?” Spread this message. If it’s something that attaches to you, please join us, we need you.

If it’s not for you, don’t spend a bunch of time. Spend your energy going and loving your family. I understand you can hate me. I cuss. There are a lot of things that are about me that I can understand why you wouldn’t want to be a part of this, but don’t spend a bunch of hashtags in hammering and putting negative comments and stuff. That puts poison in your soul that turns into cancer that ultimately kills you. Don’t kill yourself. Go love. Love enhances the spirit. It enhances the cells. It enhances your ability to be able to be more vital, more energetic and to process the very food that goes in your body. Hatred and complaining and putting comments on people’s stuff, that will give you cancer and you will die from it. Don’t do it to me or to anybody else. Stop doing it to Trump, stop doing it to Obama. Stop doing it to the people who are out there. Don’t spend your energy hating. Spend your energy loving and you’re going to belong to our crew more than anything. Do you have any more questions, is there anything else?

I think we’ve covered everything. I’m proud of you. This is a commitment to do. I know a lot of people who say, “I’m going to start this. I have something to say. I want to do this. I want to do that.” You’re a man of action. You’ve taken action. I’m proud that you made this happen. You put the work in and I’m excited to watch this grow. I’m excited to watch it develop and more importantly, excited to be able to learn. I’m so grateful that you had me be a part of the first episode. I’m excited to see where this goes.

It means the world to me. It’s been funny. This feels odd to me. Doing the comedy thing. I don’t use the word terrified very often but I was terrified to do that. This is not terrified. I can do this all day long but this is a place that I haven’t been before. All of the content that I’ve delivered up to this point on other people’s shows, TV, radio, podcasts has been, “What do you want them to do, Jason?” “Go give to charity. Go do this. Go do that.” I’m calling, if you want to be a part of this, to download this and to subscribe to the Bald Avenger on YouTube, on iTunes, on Facebook. Please take action and share this with people that you believe belong in the Misfit Nation and that they really are struggling and need to have a collective hug of hundreds of thousands of people that already identify with our mission in what we’re trying to do in this world. Please do that. That’s the action step that I would ask from my heart. I will never ask for money. I will never ask for anything. If you decide to buy the thing that comes on here, that’s on you and we’re going to get both sides of every story. We want to keep this very pure. We want to keep this to a place that spreads a message of hope and also action.

Everyone has a business need. Regardless of where you’re at in your career, you have a need. You’re going to learn it here. It’s vitality but everyone wants to look and feel better. I don’t give a crap even if you have a 5% body fat. There’s something that you want to improve because that’s who we are as a human. The giving nature of what you are and what you are about, who you be, all of those elements are going to be there, of course the business, politics, making sense of this senseless mess that we have. The reason you read The Bald Avenger to me and to this podcast, is I keep to hone my experience because it is. It’s going to play on all of your senses. I promise you’re going to laugh. You’re going to cry. You’re going to be inspired. Your beliefs are going to be challenged and maybe this little box that you’ve put yourself in is going to be blown up. It’s going to be blown up because it needs to be. You might be pissed and it’s okay. Sometimes that anger that we have is maybe that we’re just mad at ourselves because we know what we’re hearing is true. I’m excited about it because it’s all practical when you absorb it. I’m excited about this. This is going to be an amazing ride. Jason, it’s been an absolute honor. Thank you.

I love you. Thank you again. Welcome everybody who becomes part of the Misfit Nation. One of the things that Joshua said that I want to spend the rest of my life doing is transmitting genuine love. I love you. That has caused me problems in romantic relationships before. I say it all the time and they feel like they’re not special and they are special, when they’re that close to me, they should obviously understand that. I love you. I want to expand my capacity to be able to love you so much that you forgive yourself, to love you so much that maybe if I have wronged you in the past that you forgive me. I love you so much that we can make a dent in this universe instead of feeling powerless. That’s what I am looking forward to with all of this. One way or the other, I’m going to be hacking away at the universe and trying to add good whether it’s this show or whatever it is. I would love to see millions of you joining me. I love you. Thank you for supporting me. We’ll talk to you very soon.

God bless. Thank you.

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TBA 1 | The Bald AvengerJoshua Berglan aka The World’s Mayor is a Master Connector, Speaker, Emcee and Show Host.

Personally, Joshua is driven to be a voice for the voiceless and empower others to live their truth. Whether it is on stage or behind a microphone on his broadcasts Gratitude:UnFiltered or Morning Gratitude, Joshua speaks his unapologetic truth. After living in the shadows for most of his life, he now relentlessly shines a light on a darkness that prevented him from living his best life, blessed, forgiven and free.

Joshua is proof that regardless of how nasty one’s past may be, God has a purpose for all of it…..and that purpose is good!

Joshua is also an expert in brand strategy and a strategic partnership specialist where he believes “everyone gets to win”. This is what led people to start calling him The World’s Mayor.

He has helped brands get on QVC, HSN, set up global distribution and assisted in taking a startup skincare line public.

He has worked with A-list celebrities, high profile influencers and world-renowned physicians to create (develop) their own product lines.

He has produced major award shows, podcast, fundraisers, after parties and film.

He has consulted for global brands, entrepreneurs, celebrities and influencers.

He will be appearing in two soon to be released films, appeared on Fox Business News and been seen in Vanity Fair Mexico.

He has spoken on stages all over the country and has emceed award shows, fundraisers and inspirational seminars.

He is the creator of the shows Gratitude:UnFiltered and Morning Gratitude, which can be found on IHeartRadio, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn Radio, iTunes, Facebook Live and YouTube.

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